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  • What do I need to bring to my 1st Intro to Scentwork class?
    You'll need lots of treats, (when you think you have enough - double it!), the widest flat collar you have or non-restrictive/non-corrective body harness and an energenic handler!
  • Should I use a doggie daycare and/or go to the doggie park?
    You can but I NEVER would! The risks from a "good" social group of dogs playing is huge. It only takes one wrong turn to plow into other dogs/pups and hurt them - young dogs will over exert themselves - the are a lot of injuries from play. By using these places you are teaching your dog to indiscriminately interact with any dog they see -leading to ignoring you and sometimes even leash reactivity. This is also the best way to pick up things like kennel cough and parasites. If it's not a "good" group the risks are even higher. Last year a local dog was attacked and killed by a new daycare dog, I had a young dog in class that had 3/4 of it's ear ripped off at daycare. Lastly it's never safe for dogs to play with collars on anyother equipment on! Yes your dog should have the opportunity to interact with their own species but please limit it to a few at atime and safely under YOUR supervision.
  • How old does my pup need to be to start Basic Obedience Classes?
    12-16 weeks old is ideal but they are never too old to learn!
  • How old should my dog be to join an Agility class?
    They can start fairly young with ground work and jump bars on the ground but I wouldn't do much until they're over a year old.
  • How old does my pup need to be to start Scent Detection class?
    The bonus to scentwork is it is just cultivating instinctual behavior and has no impact (like agility) so any age through senior dogs can play Scent Ddetection and as an added bonus - it builds confidence, trust and teamwork!
  • I have a "insert any breed" and have been told they can't be trained. Is this true?"
    Absolutely not - ANY dog can be trained.
  • Can I play tug with my dog?
    Absolutely! As long as there are rules in place and you can control the start and stop of the game.
  • At what age can I stop crating?
    Until my dogs are 1-1.5 years old they are crated when unsupervised each and every time to PREVENT bad habits (chewing, soiling, seperation anxiety - etc) from starting. They stay in crates over night for at least the first couple of years.
  • Can my dog sleep with me?
    Sure - but I don't recommend it until they are COMPLETELY potty trained if even then.
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